A Circuit can consist of more than 4 salons. Each salon can have 2 or more sections such as open color, open mono, color travel, nature etc. Our salons consist of three sections namely color open, mono open and color travel. Each salon has its own group of judges. Acceptances from all the salons in the circuit shall be eligible for PSA star ratings and ROPA. Read more about star ratings and ROPA.
We are here to promote salon photography and we hope our circuits serve as a good platform for photographers to level up their photographic skills by pitting and testing their images internationally. We have an easy-to-use online submission system thereby making your photo submissions to the circuits fuss-free.
Yes, you can submit the same images for all 12 circuits. But when the images achieve acceptances, they will not be eligible for submission to the same circuit in the subsequent years. PSA has an EDAS report system which salon organiser submits to PSA the list of acceptances and winners. Any duplicates will be spotted and eliminated. A very transparent process.

Every circuit will see submission of new works and repeated works from previous month circuit. They will be pitted against one another. The pressure will be different in all the circuits.

We encourage photographers to submit more new works as much as they can. In the final round of judging, should there be a tie, new images are more favoured to win the top awards compared to those images submitted repeatedly in the subsequent circuits.
Yes, we make our circuits affordable to the photographers. Our circuit has 4 salons each with 3 sections and you just pay USD35. This averaged to about USD8.50 per salon of 3 sections meaning you only pay USD2.90 for each section. Overall, it is much cheaper compared to discounted salons.
We believe that every good image deserves some awards. It will be shallow-minded and naive to think that too many awards will dilute the quality. Only the top 10% to 15% of the images will be selected for the final round to win the awards. Photographers will be discouraged if they see only 15 awards for 2000 entries which some good ones only get acceptances. Here once again we stress that good images deserve some awards.
Our judges are qualified to judge in the circuits based on their photography credentials and salon experiences. The judges are from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan, hence promoting photographic friendship and bonding between the different countries.
We have organised salons for more than 17 years and we know better than anyone the pitfalls and loopholes. Having similar judges will enable them to set a consistent standard as they know what images have been submitted before or won prizes before and should the same photos be submitted, they will be pitted against the new ones in a fairer way. The images are judged based on merits and technical excellence and content. In case of a tie in the final round, new images will usually be favoured over the old ones. This will prevent a situation where the same images keep winning the top awards especially in salons where the new judges are not aware of what images have won awards before and people will criticise.
The images are judged based on a scoring system. First round is judged with score 1 to 15 to select the top 25% to 35% for acceptances. This scoring will widen the scores between the images. Second round will judge the top 150 images for the 52 awards in the section. Winners are determined based on the higher scores.
Each salon has its own set of judges. Every judge will have different scores. It is common for some photo to win top award in one salon and an acceptance in another salon.